Meet Carlos Piñeiro and his team.

We are a multidisciplinary group working together to improve the efficiency of your farm.

The porcine software with the greatest analysis power on the market.

With the PigCHAMP software you will perform a continuous improvement in all the productive phases of your farm, from the arrival of gilts to the exit to the slaughterhouse.

ADA Applied Research Center

Applied research projects with public funds.

We develop and test the products or systems that we are going to offer to our clients before bringing them to the market with the help of public funds.

Strategic Marketing Essays.

Comparison validation studies with other equivalent products or systems on the market.

Tests for medical or food registration.

Following the specific requirements of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) or EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products).

Do you want your farm to be more competitive?

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“I have been working with ADA for 18 years. In addition to the professionalism of the entire team, the quality of communication and personal relationships make collaborations very efficient and pleasant.”

Dr. Thierry Pobel – Director of TPCBiomed


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The trust of our clients is the best letter of introduction for the products and services we offer you at ADA.

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